Cases & Solutions

  • Provided banks with GPS Command and Dispatch System for cash transit vehicles.

    In 1997, a GPS differential positioning command and dispatch system was developed to monitor personnel, vehicles and protect key targets throughout the whole process to ensure the issuance of new notes and the recovery of old notes by the People's Bank of China.

  • Provided navigation system for the public holiday parades.

    ZC, together with Beijing Public Security Bureau and Beijing Traffic Administration established the GPS navigation system for the parade ceremony on the 50th National Day. This system connected with security alarm system, effectively used for public welfare and traffic management.

  • Co-developed Network Information Safety Pre-warning and Monitor System

    In 2000, the network information security intrusion detection and scanning system was successfully tested by financial institutions and applied to the headquarters and branches of banks, CCTV, commercial banks, insurance companies and telecommunications companies.

  • Led in the development of emergency logistics information integration system and established standards.

    In 2005, ZC and the Emergency Logistics Engineering Laboratory of the Logistics Community College (the design and implementation unit of the logistics renovation of the emergency warehouse), the National Development and Reform Commission's Institute of Integrated Transport and the China Institute of Electronic Technology Standardization jointly developed the emergency logistics information integration system, in order to achieve high automation and intellectualization in the management of emergency and civilian materials and equipment, and to improve the ability of rapid response under emergency conditions.

  • Participated in establishing regional health information database for public hospitals.

    In 2006, hospitals took the lead in completing the major projects of the National Science and Technology Support Plan: "Regional Collaborative Medical Service Demonstration Project" and "Interregional Medical Collaborative Service Application Demonstration Oriented to public-private Collaboration". As a research and achievement transformation entity, ZC participated in developing the pilot program of the regional healthcare card and passed the national acceptance standard. In the meanwhile, ZC also participated in the establishment of resident healthcare card standards.

  • card standards. Provided VIP smart attendance system for 2008 Beijing Olympics.

    ZC provided the RFID conference sign-in system for the 29th Olympic Games in Beijing in 2008. During the Olympic Games, the system processed information of more than 30,000 members of the Olympic family and the Olympic club, including some high-profile members such as the IOC President Rogge and Lifelong Honorary President Samaranch. As the result of the successful conference and the sign-in system being one of the highlights, it shows system’s efficiency, accuracy and safety as a major advantage of the ZC’s RFID technology