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European Nation Lithuania's Delegates Visit ZC Microelectronics' Industrial Base

On November 12th, 2019, Lithuania delegates commercial attaché of Lithuania Mr. Arunas Karlonas and Lithuania Embassy Business Officer Mr. Qiu has visited ZC Microelectronics ' Industrial base in Songshan Lake. ZC Group's Management team consists of Marketing Director Mr. Denny Lin and VP Mr. Haitong Zhao has received the 2 guests, introduced the ZC Microelectronics Industrious base and illustrious the ZC brand and Business segments to the guests.


During the visit, Mr. Karlonas and Mr. Qiu has been given a full tour of the ZC Microelectronics’s state-of-the-art industry 4.0 production line, and being told it is the most advanced and the only complete Polycarbonate Smart Card Production line in the Asia, from Raw Material to finish product. Both guests have been massively impressed by the facility and its production line, Mr. Karlonas stress that he would hope to collaboration with ZC group, to import more and more advanced technologies, ideologies and of course products to Lithuania. He would hope that collarboration doesn't just limit at Smart Card, but also ZC's other business segments of including Healthcare big data platform application and Artificial Intelligence.