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The Pledge—The uphill battle of opening up the “Golden Decade” of ZCSTC

It is March 29th, 2018, a common but memorable day in the development of ZhongCheng Satellite Microelectronics Development Co.(ZCSTC)—in the conference room of Shenzhen Headquarters, as spring sparked the passion of creativity, the founder/Chairman/CEO of ZCSTC, Mr. Peter Lin, signed the “2018 Annual Target Liability Statement” with directors of the departments of operation, human resources, planning, technology, construction, and production. This exciting event launched the opening shot of establishing the “Golden Decade” for ZCSTC. 

In Mr. Lin’s speech, he emphasized that in order to bring about the “Golden Decade”, the company must focus on promoting standardized and synthesized management and building a brave and battle-wise team. The company must also take achieving the annual target as the guide and break up tasks to achieve the final goal. On this basis, the company must implement strict assessment and award-punishment system, create a competitive environment to deliver working pressure and improve developing motivation. 

The directors of each department thus pledged to take their responsibility as a promise, and this promise must be kept. They all felt a great honor for being given this responsibility, and that they would turn pressure into motivation, clarify the focus, innovate ideas, strengthen management, enforce execution, and overcome difficulties at the crack of the dawn of the “Golden Decade”.