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ZC Group Inc establishing strong cooperative relationships with Beijing HYPERX AI Computing company and Zhejiang University Shenzhen Research Institute, joining forces to build industrial ecologic chain of high-end intelligent IoT and AI technology

In the morning of December 18, 2018, ZC Group Inc. signed strategic cooperation agreements with Beijing HYPERX AI Computing company and Zhejiang University Shenzhen Research Institute, and held the opening ceremony of joint laboratory in ZC Group Inc. IoT high-end intelligent manufacturing industrial park situated in Dongguan Songshan Lake.

ZC Group Inc. commits to expanding in-depth cooperation with Beijing HYPERX AI Computing company in aspects of AI technology and industrial development, pushing forward the R&D and application of AI technology in the high-end IoT field together. Through tight cooperation by both parties in utilizing technology, bonding business, marketing, promoting industry, we learn from one another and aim to expand the scale of our products and service, as well as realize resource sharing and brand building.  


Representatives of ZCSTC and Beijing HYPERX AI Computing Company

ZC Group Inc. is devoted to improving its ability of technology innovation and market competitiveness, nurturing the talent by practicing, facilitating progress made by enterprise, R&D organizations, and society as a whole. ZC Group Inc. and Zhejiang University Shenzhen Research Institute will be engaging in building an overall cooperation partnership and strive to realize win-win in scientific research, production, education, training and other areas.

Representatives of ZCSTC and  Zhejiang University Shenzhen Research Institute

Chairman Lin Yingqiu and Director Mu Weifeng unveiled the joint laboratory between ZC Group Inc. and Shenzhen Research Institute of Zhejiang University

HYPERX AI Computing team members mainly come from Tsinghua University and Chinese Academy of Sciences with more than ten years of experience in AI computing architecture. Based on HYPERX AI Computing’s machine-aware interactive neural network computing engine, robot autonomous behavior and hierarchical automatic pilot computing engine technology, along with ZU Shenzhen Research Institute’s technological advantages, ZC Group Inc, will be able to gather all the resources and collaboratively develop IoT terminal product with AI features including machine vision, audition, touch sensing, and mixed perception technology. We will also provide ALL IN AI  application solutions to industries like high-end nursing home, credential verification, intelligent lock, intelligent security, network pursuit evasion, intelligent logistics, intelligent transportation, intelligent education, intelligent government administration, and help traditional industry upgrade.

All the three parties will accelerate the setup of joint incubator in ZC Group Inc., IoT high-end intelligent manufacturing industrial park, facilitate the industrialization of core technology, create an integrated high-end technology innovation platform consisting of R&D, technology transfer, standard service, test and detection, talent training, and form a new model for the high-end intelligent IoT industry.