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Chairman Mr. Peter Lin attends the Second Wuzhishan “Medical and Nursing Services integration" Forum

From January, 11th to 12th, Mr. Peter Lin, the Founder and Chairman of ZC Group Inc., was invited to attend the Second Wuzhishan Second Wuzhishan “Medical and Nursing Services integration" Forum, which is organized by Hainan Health Committee, Wuzhishan Health Planning Committee, Civil Affairs Bureau and Chinese Geriatrics Society. During the speech at the forum, the acting lead engineer representative Chairman Mr. Peter Lin, introduces some of the basic ideas behind ZC Group's self-developed "Healthy&Life VIP" Big Data Platform.


Report on the development of ZC Group's “Healthy&Life VIP” big data platform

Chairman Lin Yingqiu said in the exchange with some experts and scholars that "Kangyangtong" came into being under the background of the strategic deployment of CPC central committee and the state council to promote the “Plan of Health China 2030”. Based on the research, development, application and practice of information construction and health care big data, we creatively puts forward a comprehensive solution integrating health care big data integration with high-end intelligent manufacturing and artificial intelligence technology, aiming at strengthening the connotation of health care combined with medical treatment, promoting the extension of health care combined with medical treatment to a deeper and broader field, and better providing a new service platform with safety, environmental protection, convenience and high quality for the elderly.


Chairman Mr. Peter Lin attended the Second Wuzhishan “Medical and Nursing Services integration" Forum Services" and his idea of "Healthy&Life VIP" big data platform development has been well preceived.