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Healthcare Big Data Application Research Base Forum is co-hosted by President Mr. Jin Xiaotao and President Mr. Gao Songbai

Emphasis: Actively construct the application research consortium of big data in geriatric health care

The president of the NPC and CPPCC expresses appreciation that ZC Group has provided an expectant solution for the integration of geriatric care and health care services and the management system of large-scale data operation of health care.

On June 26, Mr. Jin Xiaotao, President of China Health Information and Health Medical Big Data Society, and Mrs. Gao Songbai, President of China Geriatric Health Medical Research Association, co-chaired the "Symposium of Directors of the Research Base of Health Medical Big Data Application" in Dongguan Songshan Lake High-tech Zone. President Jin Xiaotao and President Gao Songbai visited and directed the work of ZC Microelectronics LLC. (Applied Research Base of Health Big Data Internet of Things) under the banner of ZC Group Inc.


The meeting's core idea is on improving the level of research and development of large data applications and products in health care, adapting to the needs of health care and last-gen service system construction in China, and to promote the sustainable and healthy development of the application and system construction of large data in healthcare for the elderly, thus key discussions and practical exchanges. Mr. Chen Yunqi, Vice President of the Chinese Society of Geriatric Healthcare Medical Research, chaired the symposium. More than 30 participants attended the meeting, including Mr. Fan Shunliang, Deputy Director of the Geriatric Health Committee of the China Society of Health Information and Health Data, Director of the Applied Research Base of Health Data, Mr. Yin Jingtang and Deputy Director of Dongguan Health Bureau, met with Presidents Mr. Jin Xiaotao and Mr. Gao Songbai. He sincerely hoped that he would continue to be guided by the society and the research institution, actively support the construction of the big data platform of healthcare of ZC Group, and devote himself to making Dongguan a regional geriatric healthcare and production Industrial agglomeration and development plateau.


At the symposium, Presidents Mr. Jin Xiaotao and Mrs. Gao Songbai, in their speeches after listening carefully to the reports on the work of various research bases, fully affirmed the achievements of the research on the application of big data in healthcare since one stage, and put forward clear requirements for the construction and development of the application of big data in healthcare for the future. Firstly, to unify the construction of the big data system of health care for the elderly whilst consider the overall situation of the country, make overall planning, coordinated construction and all-round development; secondly, to further strengthen the concept of big data service for healthcare, and strive to promote the transformation from "treatment-centered" to "health-centered"; thirdly, continue to rationally allocate and optimize. Utilize the big data resources of health care to serve people's health with minimum cost and maximum benefit; Fourth, actively construct the application research consortium of big data of health care for the elderly, actively promote the cooperation between industries, universities, research and health service institutions such as medical care and geriatrics care, to explore the establishment of open and integrated business model, and build the whole industry chain. Fifth, to enhance the security awareness of data, strengthen the authorization management of data, and resolutely refrain from copying and publishing data without authorization to prevent data leakage and ensure its security. The conference clearly renamed the original "Research Base of Big Data Applied in Geriatric Health Care" as "Research Consortium of Big Data Applied in Geriatric Health Care".


After the symposium, at the invitation of the founder and chairman of the board of directors of the ZC group Mr. Peter Lin, President Jin Xiaotao and President Gao Songbai visited the ZC Mircoelectronics' IoT Industak Base and watched the demonstration system of "Healthcare Big Data Application Platform" with great interest. Chairman Mr. Peter Lin says that "Kangyangtong Big Data Application Platform" would be following the strategic deployment of the National Health China 2030 Program Outline. Based on the information construction and the research, development, application and practice of the healthcare big data work, the Health Big Data Application Platform launched the healthcare big data set. The comprehensive solution of integration between high-end intelligent manufacturing and artificial intelligence technology aims to promote the healthcare services to a deeper and wider field, and to better the current service platform to a safer, more environmental protective, more convenient and higher quality. Both presidents gave positive feedback towards the program and say they are looking forward to the launch of the application.


In his speech at the symposium, ZC Group's CEO Mr. Rocky Yi, said that the company determined in focusing on the construction of big data application platform for elderly health and Research on the application technology of big data Internet of things for health, and would actively assist the China Society of Health Information and Big Data for Health and Medical Sciences and the China Society of Geriatric Medical Sciences to work on big data for health care. Based on research, development, application and practice, and taking safer, more environmental friendlied, more convenient and comfort as the standard, to promote the construction of "Health data App" big data application platform in a solid, efficient and high-quality way, and make due contributions to the implementation of "healthy China construction".